Design Services
Healing Design can help sove complex problems withing the healthcare setting
  • Healing Design engages is engagements design healthcare facilities
  • To be part of your design team
  • Teach leacture and train
  • Engage is research projects
  • Be your project advocate
Speaking Engagements
Venues for Healing Environments and Engagements in the Arts and Architecture

· Teaching, Training and Lecturers:

o Develop and present classes, workshop for education or training

o Healing environment presentation from generic health and wellbeing, human centric values of the organization to specific project implementation.

o Keynotes and lectures for professional design and healthcare organizationsLonger description here.

o. Curise Venue lectures for the arts and entertainments. Lectures appropriate for destinations throughout the world. Past lectures include topics:

- Dweling of the Gods on church art, architecture and symbolism.

- Art and Culture from world great museus such as the Hertiage in St. Petersburg.

- Fractal Design on organic design as seen in nature, art and architecture.

- Five Senseing Design, experience destination with all five senses.

- Healthy Pleasures, linking pleasures of the journey with health and wellness.

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Healing design consulting
Design strategies to tackle complexhealth issues through design.

· Healing Environment Specialist:

o Patient Satisfaction Evaluations – Evaluate and recommend strategic changes in environmental and operations to upgrade patient satisfaction scores.

o Healthy Building Evaluations – Evaluate and recommend environmental changes for healthy building, biophilic and green strategic upgrades

o Trend Forecasting -Cause and effect healthcare trends integrating consumer reactionary metrics with reimbursement structures which drive design of the built environment. Longer description here

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Evidence-Based Design Research
Human- Centric Solutions to privide improved outcomes within the built environment

·· Research:

o Assistance and participation in research studies or grants in the areas of health, wellbeing, healthy buildings, innovation, biophilia, color, experiential, and others of human focus

o Special studies on specific problem or issues i.e. bacteria mitigation in dialysis.

Project Advocate
Design representation on Owners behalf

· Project Advocate:

o Design representation on the owner’s behalf in all areas of the design process from request for proposals (RFP), design concepts, schematics, design development, documentation, construction and post occupancy.

o Owner representation services can also include “fact finding” exploration to gather data on specific issues.

o Second Opinion: One on one conversations to address specific questions.

o Investigation and recommendation to address solutions for individual needs/issues. These may come from a “how to question”.

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